Nomura Group's CSR

Fundamental Approach

Nomura Group actively engages in initiatives to address social issues to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The Group believes that promoting and managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities properly is an important factor to maintain and to increase its corporate value. The basic policy concerning CSR is set forth in the Code of Ethics of Nomura Group and its Basic Management Policy, and the ESG Committee is responsible for the appropriate management of these activities.

Founder's Principles and Corporate Philosophy

We have been committed to the development of society since our founding. Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of the tenets embodied in Our Founder's Principles. These principles also drive the corporate philosophy that underpins everything we do.

Nomura Group Corporate Philosophy

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

Code of Ethics of Nomura Group

Nomura Group established a "Code of Ethics of Nomura Group" in March 2004. The Code is based on our Founder's Principles and covers the precepts that each Nomura Group executive and employee is expected to observe in relation to corporate governance and our corporate social responsibility.

Code of Ethics of Nomura Group

Nomura Group ESG Statement

Nomura Group established Nomura Group ESG Statement to further promote the realization of a sustainable environment and society by informing stakeholders about its approach to ESG-related activities and its envisaged response to environmental and social risks.

Nomura Group ESG Statement (PDF 148KB)

For Future Generations

In March 2010, the Group formulated "For Future Generations" as a fundamental guideline to be shared among all of our Executive Officers and employees globally for its approach to CSR.

For Future Generations

To ensure our business goals are aligned with providing positive contribution to our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.

We create opportunities for a sustainable future, making sure that the decisions we make today support the success of future generations.

Initiatives and Guidelines

Governing ESG issues

Our ESG Committee is a management-level decision-making entity that plays an integral role in Nomura Group’s sustainable growth strategy and our aim to contribute to resolution of social issues.

Nomura implements ESG initiatives in collaboration with Group offices and companies in Japan, Asia ex-Japan, EMEA, and the Americas. We conduct appropriate disclosure of our various ESG initiatives through the Nomura Report and our website with the aim of raising our Group’s corporate value.


CSR Committee receives approval from Board of Directors and Executive Management Board as well as receive approval from Corporate Citizenship Department who works in close collaboration with Japan, EMEA, Americas and AEJ offices.

ESG Committee

Chaired by the Group CEO, the committee comprises twelve Executive Officers, including the chairperson. The responsibilities of the committee include formulating policies and action plans for ESG initiatives as well as approving and monitoring progress of these activities. The activities of the committee are reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board accordingly.

Management status of the Committee

Number of meetings 1 (from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018)
Outline of discussions
  • Matters concerning ESG initiatives and information disclosure
  • Matters concerning fundamental ESG policy
  • ESG risks and opportunities
  • Reports related to climate change

Material ESG Issues

In 2014, Nomura Group reassessed its material ESG issues using the method outlined below. In analyzing and assessing issues, we took account of the opinions of third parties, conducted hearings across internal departments, and, based on confirmations by the former CSR Committee, specified the Group's material issues.

Identification of Material ESG Issues

Corporate Governance

Nomura Holdings aims for transparency and quick response throughout the Group to enhance corporate value in the medium-to-long term. We place the highest importance on initiatives that strengthen and further develop our corporate governance processes and systems.

Corporate Governance

Risk Management

Our business activities are inherently subject to various risks, including market and credit risks, operational risks, system risks and risks resulting from external events. Managing those risks is an integral part of management's responsibilities to secure fiscal health as well as to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of corporate value. Our risk management framework and governance structure is intended to provide comprehensive controls, monitoring and reporting.

Corporate Governance | Risk Management


We work to prevent behavior that may give rise to suspicion of violations of legal regulations. Should such issues arise, all related information is promptly transmitted to management without exception, and systems have been put into place to deal with these appropriately.

Corporate Governance | Compliance

Corporate Governance | Compliance

One of the highest-priority issues for Nomura Group is contributing to sound and sustainable capital markets. The Group is listening intently to the opinions of its customers and the market, offering high-value-added solutions to its customers through financial and capital markets, and providing high-quality financial services. Moreover, Nomura is taking active initiatives to contribute to society, principally through providing opportunities for financial and economic education.

What We Do


Business Activities and CSR

Customer Protection and Information Security

Financial & Economic Education

Nurturing Human Resources with a Respect for Diversity

Today persons of more than 70 nationalities work in Nomura Group. Human resources development respecting diversity is one of the most-important issues. This diverse workforce is the Group's greatest asset. Nomura believes that through letting employees respect various backgrounds and many sets of values of the others and all the employees work harmoniously, Nomura will be able to better satisfy a wide variety of needs of its customers and offer more value-added services. For each and every one of the employees to be active and successful utilizing her/his capabilities and personal strengths, Nomura Group provides equal opportunities. In addition, the Code of Ethics of Nomura Group forbids discrimination in any way at all on the basis of nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, age, religion, beliefs, social standing, gender preference, gender identity, physical impairments, or other criteria in case of hiring, evaluation, and determining remuneration. From FY2015/16, to enhance the development of human resources, Nomura Group appointed a new Senior Managing Director dedicated to HR development.

Our People

Dialogue with Stakeholders

To understand the expectations and requests of society and reflect these in business activities and CSR activities, we believe that dialogue with stakeholders inside and outside the Group is important. Through continuing communication with a broad range of stakeholders, from customers to shareholders, the community, and employees, we are working to contribute to finding solutions to social and environmental issues.

Dialogue with Stakeholders

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