Our Commitment to Sustainability

Nomura Group actively engages in initiatives to address social issues to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The Group believes that promoting and managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities properly is an important factor to maintain and to increase its corporate value.

The basic policy concerning CSR is set forth in Our Founder’s Principles established by founder Tokushichi Nomura, Nomura Group’s Corporate Philosophy, the Nomura Group Code of Conduct and its Basic Management Policy. Our Code of Conduct is in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Moreover, Nomura Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines, formulated in November 2015, set out the principle that the Company shall endeavor to contribute to the development of society at all times and shall fulfill Nomura Group’s social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by putting into practice Our Founder’s Principles that have been inherited since the foundation of the Company.

Founder's Principles and Corporate Philosophy

We have been committed to the development of society since our founding. Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of the tenets embodied in Our Founder's Principles. These principles also drive the corporate philosophy that underpins everything we do.

Nomura Group Corporate Philosophy

About our founder Tokushichi Nomura

Nomura Group Code of Conduct

Nomura Group established the Nomura Group Code of Conduct at the Meeting of the Board of Directors as guidelines for each director, officer, and employee of the Nomura Group to comply with.

The Code of Conduct sets out guidelines for Nomura Group directors, officers and employees to translate the Nomura Group Corporate Philosophy into actions.

Nomura Group Code of Conduct (PDF 2,084KB)

Nomura Group Sustainability Statement

Nomura Group established Nomura Group Sustainability Statement to further promote the realization of a sustainable environment and society by informing stakeholders about its approach to Sustainability-related activities and its envisaged response to environmental and social risks.

Nomura Group Sustainability Statement (PDF 245KB)

Annex to Nomura Group Sustainability Statement

Wholesale Division: ESG Sectoral Appetite Statement (PDF 70KB)

Nomura TCFD Report

Nomura Group recognizes the importance of disclosing climate-related financial information. Nomura supports the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and we are committed to consistent and effective disclosures aligned with the TCFD recommendations.

Nomura TCFD Report

For Future Generations

In March 2010, the Group formulated "For Future Generations" as a fundamental guideline to be shared among all of our Executive Officers and employees globally for its approach to CSR.

For Future Generations

To ensure our business goals are aligned with providing positive contribution to our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.

We create opportunities for a sustainable future, making sure that the decisions we make today support the success of future generations.

Initiatives and Guidelines

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