Sustainable Products and Solutions

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Nomura Group contributes to the advancement of financial and capital markets through our business activities, and proactively engages in ESG-related activities, based on our management vision of “Achieve sustainable growth by solving social issues.” Through the continual development and provision of products, we support companies working to solve environmental and social issues, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Provision of ESG-Related Funds

Financial institutions play an important role in creating flows of funds that help form a sustainable society. Nomura Group is leveraging the expertise of Group companies as well as the Group’s integrated capabilities to make ESG investment more widespread.
Nomura Securities has continued to increase and expand its investment products related to ESG and the SDGs. In 2020, it has accelerated the flow of money into ESG investments by newly organizing funds as our ESG product lineup under the concept of "Realize a sustainable society through investment and the medium- to long-term asset-building of our clients." By investing in companies working to solve social issues through these funds, investors can both pursue investment gains and solve social problems. Also, through our activities to make such funds more commonly invested in by investors, it is actively working to educate investors in order to raise the profile of sustainable finance.

ESG/SDGs-Related Funds (Partial Excerpts)

Environment Nomura Environment Leaders Strategy Fund

Contributes to the transition to a sustainable economy by investing in companies leading the way on solutions to environmental problems

Nomura BlackRock Circular Economy-Related Investment Trust

Focuses on the new economic model of the “circular economy" that both protects the environment and achieves economic growth. Contributes to improving the sustainability of resource usage

Healthcare-Related Nomura ACI Advanced Medical Impact Fund

Aims to have a positive impact on society by investing in the field of advanced medical Aims to have a positive impact on society by investing in the field of advanced medical care with a focus on impact investing

Water Nomura Aqua Investment Fund

Contributes to the efficient use of water and improvement in water quality by focusing on water, which is a megatrend topic

World Water Fund

Focuses on the growing demand for water as the world's population grows and the water business market. Contributes to solving social issues such as water infrastructure development and sanitation/health

Developing NOMURA-BPI SDGs

Nomura Securities began joint research with Nomura Research Institute in April 2019, and has published Nomura-BPI SDGs (this index) since that November as a new sub-index to the Nomura Bond Performance Index (NOMURA-BPI). This index will select green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability bonds (SDG bonds) from a universe of NOMURA-BPI constituents, and reflects the overall performance of the secondary market for SDG bonds. The index value is calculated based on certain internal rules and has transparency and continuity. Through this index, we support issuers in the formulation of bond issues and investors in the decisions on investment. In addition to contributing to the sustainable development of the entire SDG bonds market, we will promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs.

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