Sustainability Research

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Nomura's global research offers value-added information to investors by issuing reports on ESG themes and develop related equity indexes to meet investor needs.

The Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (NICMR), an independent research institute in Nomura Group, aims to contribute to the development of financial and capital markets and the financial services sector through the research and analysis of markets, systems and trends, and by disseminating its highly specialized outputs, both domestically and internationally. NICMR has also been bolstering its research on ESG and sustainable finance-related topics.
Nomura Securities’ Fiduciary Service Research Center, which provides asset management consulting services to institutional investors such as corporate pensions and public pensions, also issues reports on ESG investment, both in Japan and overseas. Going forward, as part of our pension investment management consulting, we will continue to provide information that focuses on ESG.

Global Research

The Nomura Research Center of Sustainability

In December 2019, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research (NICMR), an independent research institute in Nomura Group, established the Nomura Research Center of Sustainability. The new research center focuses on objective and practical research. The center strategically identifies and conducts research into areas of sustainability closely related to the financial and capital markets and provides value-added information and proposals to clients. Specifically, NICMR creates an open platform to connect people within Nomura Group with people outside, including through collaboration between external advisors and specialists at the firm. NICMR will also collaborate with relevant international organizations in order to broaden the themes and scope of its research.

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