References for the Nomura UN PRB Report

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Title Description
Nomura Annual Report 2021 (PDF 18,345KB)
  • i.At a Glance, p.004
  • ii.Prioritizing Sustainability, p.012
  • iii.Nomura Group's Management Vision, p.015
  • iV.Materiality, p.021-022
  • V.Sustainability, p.027-030
  • Vi.Responding to Climate Change - Metrics and Targets, p.032
Nomura TCFD Report 2021 (PDF 1,121KB)
  • i."Wholesale Division", p.009-010
Responsible Investment Report 2020 Materiality Assessment, p.013-014
Nomura Group ESG Statement (PDF 343KB)
  • i.Our Approach, p.001
  • ii.Stakeholder Engagement, p.004
Wholesale ESG Sectoral Appetite Statement (PDF 70KB) Introduction, p.001
Investor Day Presentation (PDF 1,467KB) Presentation by Group CEO - Towards the realization of a sustainable society, p.017
Nomura Holdings Website: About Nomura Group
  • i.About Nomura
  • ii.Nomura in Numbers Our Philosophy
  • iii.Our Global Network
Nomura Holdings Website: Our Services Nomura's Wholesale Division:
  • i.Global Markets
  • ii.Investment Banking
  • iii.International Wealth Management
Nomura Holdings Website: Our Commitment to Sustainability
  • i.Nomura's Commitment to Sustainability
  • ii.Founder's Principles and Corporate Philosophy
Nomura Holdings Website: Participation in Initiatives for Sustainability Participation in Initiatives for Sustainability
Nomura Holdings Website: News Release - Drive Sustainability Nomura to Partner with Stakeholders to Drive Sustainability
Nomura Holdings Website: Governance, Risk Management Risk Appetite