Communication with Stakeholders

One of the ways Nomura Group interacts with stakeholders is through participation in activities with various initiatives in Japan and overseas that have the objective of contributing to society and the environment. Through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, we carefully examine and review the activities and information disclosure we undertake that are related to the economy, society (human rights and labor), and environmental issues. We also report to the Sustainability Committee when needed.

Stakeholder Engagement

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Society and Environment

  Community Governments and Regulatory Authorities
  • Environmental issues
  • Social issues such as inequality
  • Improving financial literacy
  • Access to investment opportunities
  • Impact on capital markets and society
  • Fair competition
  • Corporate culture and governance, including corporate behavior, corporate ethics, and anti-fraud measures
How we respond
  • Strengthen sustainability-related
  • Dialogue with NGOs and support activities
  • Cooperation with international organizations
  • Respect for international human rights standards
  • Environmental management to reduce environmental impact
  • Improve financial literacy through courses and economic education
  • Various other social contribution activities
  • Continuous reporting, dialogue and recommendations
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a stable financial system
    • Satisfy standards for capital and liquidity regulations with a sound financial base
    • Formulation of recovery and resolution plans (RRP)

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Shareholders and Investors

  • Return through shareholder returns and stock price appreciation
  • Capital efficiency
  • Appropriate governance structure
  • ESG initiatives
  • Management vision and strategy
How we respond
  • Sustainable growth through realization of management vision
  • Business operations with emphasis towards capital efficiency
  • Initiatives to strengthen governance
  • Enact and implement ESG Appetite Statement
  • Timely and appropriate information disclosure

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  Individual and Institutional Investors Companies and Government Agencies
  • Long-term asset building
  • Investment performance
  • Inheritance and business succession
  • Various investment opportunities
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Solution for business continuity, growth and innovation
  • Efficient fundraising and various financing options
How we respond
  • Sophistication asset management advisory
  • Comprehensive consulting including measures for inheritance and business succession
  • Continuous liquidity supply
  • Pricing reflecting supply and demand
  • Provide broad financial products including private market area
  • Support for optimal funding
  • Establishment of a listed investment entity that invests in unlisted company, and construction of a platform
    to realize diversification of fund raising measures
  • Provision of advice on improving enterprise value through M&A etc.

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  • Rewarding work environment
  • Diverse work styles
  • Growth opportunities
  • Career development
  • Greater understanding of corporate philosophy and Code of Conduct
How we respond
  • Promote a diverse and inclusive working environment
  • Development of human resources system and IT infrastructure to enable tele-working
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys
  • Provide extensive training opportunities, including online courses
  • Fair personnel evaluation and compensation
  • Establishment of Code of Conduct

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Business Partners

  • Synergies with Nomura Group
  • Trust and stability as a business partner
How we respond
  • Strategic alliances such as comprehensive business agreements and joint ventures
  • Ongoing collaboration in providing services to clients

Dialogue with Stakeholders (Selected Examples)

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Themes External Organization Outline
Human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption United Nations (UN) Global Compact Participation in the Japan network
ESG UN Principles for Responsible Investment Participation in the Japan network
ESG Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century Participation in a working group on asset management, securities, and investment banking businesses
ESG Climate Bonds Initiative Participation as a partner in activities to promote green bonds
Environment CDP Promotion, as a signatory, of the climate change and water programs

Stakeholder Dialogue

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