Initiatives to Conserve Resources

We are striving to more effectively use our limited natural resources and reduce our environmental impacts to assist in the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

Promoting Paperless Initiatives

We are promoting the digitalization of various materials and documents to encourage paperless processes.

Internally, we have established a system to monitor the amount of copy paper used by each department on a monthly basis, and are working to foster awareness of the importance of using less paper. In FY2022, Nomura Group in Japan used about 507 metric tons of copy papers, achieving a 45.3% reduction from FY2019/20.

Nomura Securities provide services through the internet for various reports such as prospectuses and transaction reports, according to client needs. By the end of March 2023, clients with the consent of the electronic delivery for about 3,450,000 accounts received such documents electronically. We are also promoting electronic procedures. We accept using electronic tools for account opening and address changes, instead of written documents, contributing to paperless processes.

Green Purchasing

We are promoting green purchasing in which we strive to minimize the environmental impact of the goods and services we purchase.

We have adopted procurement standards for paper in order to help conserve woodlands. Our office supplies request system includes designated firm's FSC or PEFC certified copy paper as environment-friendly products and we strongly encourage the use of this type of paper as opposed to other types.

We will continue to collect and disclose group-wide environmental information and strive to raise awareness of responsible procurement across the entire group.

Promoting Recycling Activities

Nomura Group is deeply committed to recycling in the domestic offices. Our business sites in EMEA also committed to waste management. We encourage them to use renewable resources and raise recycling rates to reduce the environmental footprint.

As the result of our commitment, the global recycling rate of Nomura Group in FY2022 was 55.9%. (Sum range: corresponding to 63.9% of the employees). Of the 619 tons of waste for final disposal, 78 tons were disposed of in landfills and 475 tons were incinerated.

Nomura Group Waste Emissions and Recycling Rate (Global)

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FY2019/20 FY2020/21 FY2021/22 FY2022/23
Waste Emissions 2,206 ton 1,397 ton 1,289 ton 1,405 ton
Recycled Wastes 1,421 ton 715 ton 806 ton 786 ton
Recycling Rate 64.4% 51.2% 62.5% 55.9%

Efforts to Reduce Plastic Use

We are actively working to reduce waste, including plastic, by separating and collecting used plastic bottles and by participating in activities such as community cleanup events.

Nomura Asset Management distributed mugs to all executives and employees as it stopped offering plastic and paper cups in the office, as well as switched from using plastic bottles to using paper packs for serving drinks to the clients. Nomura Asset Management also began using clear file folders made of paper in 2022. In addition, Nomura Asset Management signed the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles (SBEFP) and is promoting investment activities to protect marine ecosystems and address ocean plastic and other issues facing the world's oceans.

Nomura International plc has endorsed the 'Plastic Free City' pledge, and has stopped using consumables like plastic straws and paper cups.

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