Career x Life Styles

Career x Life Styles, Our employees today have many choices when considering about their career and life styles. The Nomura Group supports those who work hard to achieve those career visions.

Our employees today have many choices when considering about their career and life styles. The Nomura Group supports those who work hard to achieve those career visions.

Path to Achievement - Their Stories

Thanks to the support of clients and colleagues, I am able to integrate work and parenting.

Aya Miyamoto
Corporate Services Dept. II

I wanted to work at the same pace I did before taking childcare leave. I am able to do so with the support of not only my colleagues but also my clients. Thanks to my family, I am able to work overtime when I need to, but I try to leave work on time every day. I think my productivity level has improved significantly as a result. The firm is very supportive, both mentally and in terms of my career, and this allows me to work hard and feel a sense of satisfaction in what work I do.

Since joining the company, I have been working as a sales representative for corporate clients. I have personally never thought it difficult to balance work and parenting. I believe that work and childrearing can be integrated. Having a child helps increase my interactions with society and positively impacts my work.

No matter what kind of requests we receive from our clients, we have the capabilities to deliver. I look forward to continue serving our clients and providing excellent services to meet their needs.

I work hard each day to balance my life as a dancesport athlete, securities professional, and time with my family.

Tomoyo Wada
Sales Dept., Head Office

Since joining the company, I have been working with individual clients. A few years after joining, I resumed dancesport which I had taken up at university. Over the past few years, I have been recognized as a strong dancesport athlete, and was selected to participate in the Blackpool Dance Festival* for three consecutive years. Although I sometimes take time off to participate in domestic and international competitions, I work hard to give back to my clients and colleagues who support me.

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It is difficult to have a full-time job and continue participating in dance competitions. For this reason, many young people who start dancesport as students eventually quit. I currently compete in the “adult” category and practice every day after work. I want to do my best as a securities professional and dancer, as well as do housework including cooking. I want to live every day with no regrets and help pave a new way for young dancers to balance their careers and dancesport.

I do not like performing in front of people very much. However, it motivates me and makes me happy when my clients are genuinely pleased at my achievements. I want to be an example for young people who want to pursue a career and dance, and show people inside and outside the firm that it is possible to balance both at Nomura.

I focus daily on enhancing my performance at work and improving my dancesport skills. I will continue to do my best to realize my goals one step at a time.

Blackpool Dance Festival: The world's most famous ballroom dance competition in England

As an in-house lawyer, making decisions on the front line of business is rewarding

Mika Katsuo
Underwriting Credit Evaluation Dept.

I joined Nomura Securities right after graduating with my license. I chose to work in a company instead of a law firm because I felt working at a company would allow me to play a more active role in projects. I am mainly engaged in pre-IPO screening at the moment. This requires a lot of reading and careful dialogue with our client companies. Our opinion sometimes differs from that of our clients. When that happens, our focus is always on putting our clients first. In the end, our clients often benefit from the issues we point out and thank us.

Companies differ in nature from one another, so learning from experience is a large part of pre-IPO screening. However, the knowledge I have as a lawyer does help me see things I wouldn’t otherwise notice. My job is challenging but worthwhile. I want to work hard and aim even higher for our clients.

There are many female colleagues working and raising children in my department, and all of them are pursuing their careers in their own way. I feel I am in an environment where I can choose how I work.

Our Initiatives

More Women Are Advancing

44% of employees at Nomura Group are women (as at the end of March, 2021). We will continue to support such trends by introducing re-employment for employees and a new relocation policy that allows employees who are not subject to regular relocation to be able to transfer locations depending on their personal situations. (Data: Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd.).

Ratio of Female Managers*1

Graph: Ratio of female managers

1 Data: Nomura Group (Japan)

2 Ratio of female managers and female manager headcount in Japan were corrected and updated as of 10th July, 2023.

Average Length of Employment

Graph: Average length of employment

Data: Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd.

We Support Work-Life Balance for Employees

Use of Childcare Support Plans

Graph: Use of childcare support plans

Data: Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

In fiscal year 2020, 327 employees took parental leave, and 625 employees took childcare leave. These numbers are growing annually, and over 90% of the employees on these leave return to office. Nomura has prepared various measures to help our employees pursue their career development while balancing work and parenting. (Data: Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd.).

DEI Employee Network: Women In Nomura (WIN) and Life & Family (L&F)

WIN is an employee network with the goal of promoting gender balance and expanding opportunities for women. We feel that our commitment to empowering women will lead to the company's, clients', and eventually society's change in common values.
L & F is another employee network with the concept that "fulfillment in life leads to better work results." L & F aims to involve employees to communicate and share ways in enriching their lives, at the same time inviting specialists to speak to them about creative ways in achieving personal fulfillment.