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Nomura Holdings, Inc. 118th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Date and Place

Date : 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 20, 2022 (JST)

Place : Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, "Palais Royal" (first basement)

(Note) Correction on page 31 of the English translation: [Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements] "20. Significant Subsequent Events" to the amount (million US dollar) of item "Loss Arising from Transactions with a U.S. client".

Resolved Matters

  1. Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation
    This proposal was resolved as originally submitted.
    Note: Please find the amended Articles of Incorporation below.
    Nomura Holdings Articles of Incorporation
  2. Election of Twelve Directors
    This proposal was resolved as originally submitted.
    Twelve directors, namely Koji Nagai, Kentaro Okuda, Tomoyuki Teraguchi, Shoji Ogawa,
    Kazuhiko Ishimura, Takahisa Takahara, Noriaki Shimazaki, Mari Sono, Laura Simone Unger, Victor Chu, J. Christopher Giancarlo and Patricia Mosser were elected as directors.
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