A rich natural environment and healthy social environment are the foundations of economic and business advancement as well as people's lives. Without such foundations, it is impossible to fulfill Nomura Group’s social mission of helping to enrich society. We have been expanding our products and services, and globally expanding our businesses and bolstering our corporate governance based on the recognition that initiatives such as protecting the global environment and promoting the active participation of a diverse range of people are essential for advancing both economic activity and society as a whole.
In May 2020, Nomura Group announced a new management vision to "Achieve sustainable growth by helping solve social issues" ahead of the year 2025, the centennial anniversary of Nomura’s founding. In addition to business growth, our management vision incorporates the ESG elements of trust from society and employee satisfaction.
Through partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, we will achieve sustainable growth and help solve social issues.

Material Issues

Since Nomura Group first identified CSR Materiality in 2008, we have conducted regular reviews based on trends in the international community and the expectations of stakeholders. In light of the management vision announced in May 2020, we reviewed the Nomura Group Materiality and identified the 27 material issues including seven highest priority issues. We will continue to make every effort toward our targets by using metrics to monitor how we are progressing.

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